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Discover the children’s bike: the pleasure of riding in a mini version


In summer as in winter, sunny days are always an opportunity for a family bike ride. Very quickly, the baby seat is no longer enough for your toddler who wants to participate actively. But from what age and with what equipment? What are the right gestures and the right methods to teach him to ride well?

We help you see more clearly to introduce your little ones to the little queen.

1/ What is a child’s bike?

Small frame, small wheels, small saddle, small pedals… The child’s bike is adapted to the morphology of toddlers and has specific equipment that makes use easy and intuitive.~You can even introduce your child to the balance bike from he knows how to walk or around the age of 2, his learning to ride a bike will only be easier.

What for?~As a good parent, you will not throw your child directly into an Enduro type descent…. no.~Before embarking (much later) on this type of more intensive activity, he must simply learn to ride his child’s bike.

2/ Are there any rules to follow?

Before becoming a passionate mountain biker, the fear of imbalance was total. It took me more than 7 years before riding without the wheels and taking off. Since then, a few thousand kilometers have been swallowed through the paths and the mountain bike accompanies me everywhere.

Before setting off with him on the road, consider doing reconnaissance on foot to make your child aware of the dangers of the road.

Once the basics are well acquired, accompany him for his first laps on the road. Until the age of 8 he is allowed to drive slowly on the sidewalks. Otherwise cities always offer more marked trails such as cycle paths. Enjoy!

3/ The benefits

Do you remember your very beginnings? When pedaling, turning and braking at the same time was too complicated and (perhaps) caused you to fall? Gestures, however, have become instinctive today. Well, the children’s bike is an excellent way to develop psychomotor coordination.

Big step in the life of a child: the removal of the wheels! At this time, the child greatly improves his sense of balance.

Is your child bursting with energy? Making him ride a child’s bike is perfect for him to exert himself and develop physically.

Before the age of 7, the child misperceives the notions of distance, speed or location in space, riding a bike will greatly help him in the perception and management of his environment.

4/ Is the bike good for my child?

As soon as he knows how to walk, approximately between his 12/18 months and up to 5 or 6 years old, your child can begin to discover the pleasure of riding, not with a bike but with a balance bike. This bike without pedals is ideal for starting to develop your sense of balance.

These little tricksters are quick to fall or move away a little too quickly: in any case, always keep an eye on them when traveling on a balance bike or children’s bike. In the event of a fall, you can then intervene immediately.

As long as your child is healthy and fit, riding an age-appropriate bike will go a long way to channeling all the energy they have.

5/ Necessary equipment

The helmet: it’s very simple, children are adventurers! As a result, wearing a helmet is compulsory until the age of 12. Beyond that, it is strongly recommended to keep this habit.

Elbow pads: in the event of a fall, children tend to recover on their hands or arms. Wearing elbow pads allows them to be protected in this important area.

Knee pads: As with elbows, children’s knees are often in the front line during falls. Knee pads are therefore strongly recommended for cycling.


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