Motorcycle's Exhaust Line

How to Clean Your Motorcycle’s Exhaust Line


Whether you have an Arrow motorcycle   exhaust, an Akrapovic  exhaust, an original exhaust, custom or a sports exhaust. Cleaning keeps it looking new and will prevent  premature wear  of the pot. Discover all the  Street Moto Piece tips  to clean your  complete exhaust line  and restore it to its former glory.

Why maintain the exhaust of his motorcycle?

Whatever the material used by your exhaust, steel, titanium or aluminum, carbon (silencer), its  aging  is inevitable. Indeed, over  time  and the  heat  generated by the combustion of the engine, your motorcycle, quad, scooter, cross, enduro exhaust line will show signs  of fatigue (loss of shine, rust, tarnishing, oxidation, etc.) .

It is important to clean your motorcycle collector because with the lack of maintenance, the collector becomes fragile and can be pierced by rust, which will force you to buy a new one . It would be a shame for you to have to spend money to renew your exhaust when  regular maintenance  is enough to keep your original line in good condition.

Regular cleaning, a way to maintain your exhaust over the long term

As mentioned earlier,  regular cleaning  is an effective weapon against the  deterioration  of your motorcycle exhaust. Prevention is better than cure. Indeed, regular cleaning will allow you to prevent the appearance of rust  and make   your  motorcycle exhaust  shine . To do this, take a motorcycle cleaner , a sponge, a small tub of hot water and a microfiber cloth.

The interview is done as follows:

Step 1: Prepare your exhaust outlet

Just like the method for regularly maintaining your motorcycle exhaust, you can equip yourself with a cleaner, a sponge and a microfiber cloth. Be sure to remove tar stains, insects, and  all impurities  from the exhaust line.

Step 2: Clean oxidized, rusted, corroded exhaust manifold

It can happen that some exhaust manifolds are attacked by  rust / oxidation  without you noticing it. To deal with this type of eventuality, you can remove the oxide in  two ways  :

If you observe a  deep encrustation of the rust , the passage by the cleaning with the  drill is obligatory . Using the following cleaners, you can remove all surface rust:

If, however, the manipulations mentioned above are not sufficient and the rust is too deep, Street Moto Piece offers you  complete lines of  ARROW, Scorpion, Akrapovic, Yoshimura, or TERMIGNONI exhausts ( collectors and rear silencers ) adapted to your motorcycle and with  original quality / original type  to your old exhaust.

On the contrary, if  the oxidation is light  and does not seem too encrusted in the metal parts, you can simply use the  Belgom Alu cleaner  and rub well (for the aluminum, stainless steel, brass, chrome parts, etc.)

Some areas are difficult to access, especially on 4-cylinder manifolds. For greater ease, you can  optionally disassemble the manifold  in order to access these parts more easily (pay attention to a possible exhaust leak). If you do not think you can disassemble your exhaust line, you have the possibility of cleaning the oxidation on sight (visually) on the exhaust pipe.

Step 3: Properly clean your motorcycle muffler

A silent exhaust in stainless steel, titanium, or aluminum, the belgom aluminum polish is more than enough for a sparkling clean.

If your motorcycle muffler is made of carbon, be careful not to use abrasive cleaners. Since carbon is not a pure material, using the wrong cleaner will attack the resin of your exhaust silencer, causing white spots to appear. Therefore, we advise you to use a  Wash & Wax dry cleaner .

Iron with a microfiber cloth to  remove all traces of product  and bring out the  shine  of the exhaust systems.

At this stage, your motorcycle’s chrome exhaust line should be  very clean  and should last  for several months  even on your  long journeys  !

What is a carbon exhaust? It’s very simple,  calamine  is a  carbonaceous residue  generated during the combustion of an engine. Thus, during the expulsion of the combustion gases, the scale accumulates on the  walls  of your original pot and  reduces its performance . This is why it is necessary to  decarbonize  its exhaust. There are mainly  two ways to descale  :

The descaling manipulation that will be presented to you is a  chemical descaling  with  caustic soda  (available in DIY stores). To do this, you must wear gloves  (  the chemical reaction will heat the stainless steel collector to more than 80°C), wear a  pair of goggles  (caustic soda is irritating and corrosive for both the skin and the eyes). The handling is as follows:

cover  the other side with a piece of paper towel,  mix again  so that the soda dissolves correctly (and spreads throughout the collector) and  remove the piece with the paper towel  (be careful not to touch the collector anymore, because the temperature due to the chemical reaction will rise to about  80°C )

Yamaha, Triumph, BMW, Suzuki, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki or KTM, you are aware that an exhaust line is made up of several  spare parts  : catalyst, removable baffle (DB killer), wool rock etc.

When   cleaning your motorcycle exhaust , this is the best time to replace certain  consumables . To give you an example, stone wool  degrades and  loses its effectiveness over time . This will lead to  noise pollution  / higher noise and the risk of losing any  anti-pollution approval  of your silencer. The sound level is all the higher with a  double exhaust outlet  with several rock wools.


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