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How to maintain your motorcycle exhaust?


The motorcycle exhaust is a beautiful part, as long as you have replaced the original one. Its maintenance is simple if it is done regularly, so it would be a shame to miss it. We give you all our tips to carry out the operation.

Why is it important to maintain your motorcycle exhaust?

The motorcycle exhaust is a stainless steel, carbon or titanium part which is exposed to the open air and undergoes the expelled heat. The whole line is subject to aging , which can result in oxidation and rust. The danger of rust is that it weakens the collector, which in the long term could be pierced. Even if your  motorcycle exhaust line does not rust, it gradually loses its shine. And it is better to maintain it regularly than to have to strip the rust! Here is how to clean your motorcycle exhaust, whether for regular maintenance or for deep cleaning.

How to maintain, clean and shine your motorcycle exhaust

Regular cleaning

Let’s start with regular motorcycle exhaust cleaning. As a preventive measure , it prevents rust from forming and makes the line shine without much effort. The basic equipment needed is very simple and consists of:

These accessories are the basis for cleaning the motorcycle exhaust. Run water over the entire exhaust line, taking care not to get water inside (you can also use a pot plug, a very practical accessory).

For sparkling cleaning, use cleaning wipes or a biodegradable spray, which will eliminate any residue and any greasy traces on the pot. Polishing with a micro-fiber cloth will finish making the motorcycle exhaust shine.

Deeper cleaning

For a more in-depth cleaning, we can complete the previous step with a choice of a few specific products:

And in the event of visible scratches on a stainless steel exhaust, do not hesitate to apply a very effective scratch remover.

Be careful if your exhaust line is made of carbon, do not use an abrasive cleaner . Prefer to stick to the basin of hot water, with real Marseille soap if necessary. As the carbon is not pure, you risk attacking the resin and causing white to appear.

If your motorcycle exhaust shows signs of well-marked rust , you should know first of all that you can remove most of the rust; but in case of severe rust, traces may remain. The products indicated above will help you clean and remove surface rust. If, however, rust is present, you can use these tips:

wrap the exhaust in a cloth previously soaked in white vinegar. The trick: after a sufficiently long exposure time, lightly sprinkle the vinegar pot with baking soda. The ensuing chemical reaction will pick up the remains of rust. Rub if necessary with aluminum rolled into a ball. Rinse with white vinegar then with water. Remember to bring a  pot cap when rinsing to prevent water from getting inside.

for a large stripping, you will have to use a sander at the end of which you will put a polishing disc. Be patient during this task and have a light hand so as not to create deep scratches!

If, despite all this, your exhaust line is too damaged for a satisfactory restoration, you can only replace it. Turn to high quality brands like Akrapovic , which will guarantee you controlled aging thanks to excellent resistance.

How to prevent and improve the maintenance of your motorcycle exhaust: accessories

To take care of your exhaust line, you can act on several levels. First of all, if you ride dirt bikes, you might want to protect the exhaust from rock impact. For this, invest in an  exhaust protection  (choose one adapted to your motorcycle).

If you want to protect yourself, or even especially your passenger, from possible burns, get a  thermal sheath for a vintage motorcycle , or a  heat shield for modern motorcycles.

And if your pot is starting to get too loud, or if you want to get in line with the jellyfish radars , a Db killer like the Mivv Db ticket Suono for Street Triple 07 (others are available) will do the trick. To recondition your exhaust to the sound level, get Bihr rock wool .

Don’t forget to take a look at the many small accessories we sell that will help you maintain and refurbish your pot.


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